B747-8 version 1.51 is now released

Change Log

Compatibility with  XP 10.5.1 +  and  XP11 pb3

This version brings compatibility with XP11 latest public beta, some further texture improvements, as well as some additional features and fixes.

Modeling and Textures:
Improved cockpit textures
Improved external textures

Necessary changes implemented to work properly in XP11
Autothrottle now works even if autopilot is not engaged.
Fixed issue where autothrottle did not release full control of N1 to the pilot when it was turned off
Better Mach speed management during climb
Better VNAV SPD during climb.

FMC and Displays:
Fixed problem where sometimes a crash would occur when a route was full
Fuel trip estimation computation was erroneous for very long routes. now fixed.
Fixed issue where VNAV ALT status because a waypoint altitude restriction resulted in being unable to activate speed intervention.
SID and STAR intersections procedures improved.
POS button now works on copilot’s ND side.
Terrain display on the ND improved
Occasionally strange track curves on ND fixed
Fixed a problem in LNAV with very long tracks.
Fixed problem of Lat/lon waypoints that were not properly inserted when route editing in the LEGS PAGE
T/C and T/D are no longer shown as waypoints on LEGS PAGE (of course they are still visible on ND tracks) – this is how it is in the real aircraft’s FMC.
Other small bug fixes

Updated manuals.
XP11 users please read the section in the FCOM on how to install this add-on properly in XP11

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CRJ-700 WIP Promo

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The wait is over! ….. 747-8 Series version 1.5 has been released

SSG 747-8 Series V1.5 Change Log

Modeling and Textures:

– Cockpit textures completely redone, including “baking”
– Some model changes in cockpit to make it more accurate
– Eliminated “crawling ants” that were still visible on some systems
– Improved external model, notably the fuselage “hump” and the joint area between the fuselage and horizontal stabilizer – also with some added “baking”
– Added tail stand stanchion (Freighter only)


– Cockpit actuators and manipulators now redone so that the mouse wheel can be used to change values
– Also made certain cockpit switches adjustable that did not work previously to allow for cockpit flows and procedures (such as the IRS switches)
– Camera view inside the cockpit now allows for freer movement
– Fixed issue with brakes and auto brake.
– Fixed issue of speedbrakes retracting automatically after landing.
– Added the standby battery function
– Engine start time made more realistic
– Autopilot bank limited to 25 degrees in all regimes
– Improved VNAV performance, including climb behavior for smoother climbout
– Improved throttle transitions between autopilot modes
– Flight Director bars now limited to 8 degrees nose up on takeoff

FMC and Displays:

– Fixed issue where some SIDs, STARs and runways were missing
– Now SIDs and STARs can be selected with or without Transitions
– Fixed and improved SID and STAR drawing on the Navigation Display
– Improved EGPWS and Navigation Display of terrain to be more like the one in the real aircraft
– Improved fuel consumption calculation
– Fixed error in top of descent computations when selecting a STAR and/or Runway during flight
– Resolved issue of waypoints being superseded when entering them in the RTE page
– Behavior of slip/skid indicator on PFD has been improved
– Added some matte shine to display screens

Various internal changes to improve FPS, so most users should experience better performance.

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Exclusive WIP SSG 747-8 Cockpit Shots posted in X-Plained.com

X-Plained.com posted some exclusive screenshots of the WIP of B747-8 version 1.5

WIP Look and Feel SSG 747-8

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WIP Cockpit Shots of SSG 747-8 Ver. 1.5

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